How can you get teeth in one day?

Are your dentures moving and causing sores in your mouth? Do you hate dining out for fear that your dentures might embarrass you? Or do you have natural teeth that need to be pulled out, but you don’t want to have full dentures?  There is a solution to get your confidence back. It’s a procedure called the All-On-4 Technique. It combines dentures and dental implants. All teeth are supported on 4 dental implants, secured into your jaw, giving you permanent teeth in a day.

Permanent teeth gives you the look, feel and function closest to your natural teeth.

Consider the following when comparing All-on-4 to having a full set of dentures:

  • Your teeth will never accidentally slip out
  • Bite into an apple or a cob of corn with ease.
  • Order whatever you want when you are dining out
  • Brush and clean your teeth as you would your natural teeth
  • No more removing your teeth at night to soak them
  • Maintains bone structure
  • Supports your facial structure

Most importantly permanent teeth in a day will assist in giving you your self-confidence and esteem back.

If you have been considering dentures or have teeth that need extraction call us for a free consultation and see if you are eligible for this amazing procedure that gives you back permanent teeth in only a few hours.