For Your Important Decisions about Dentures

You don’t need a dentist’s referral to consult with Bardgett Smile Center, but choosing dentures is one of the most important decisions concerning your health. Before booking a consultation, our clients always have questions. Our denturists offer some of our patients’ FAQ. Be assured we will guide you through the entire denture process – first consultation to aftercare.

How do I care for my dentures?2019-04-17T11:48:01-04:00

We will advise you how to care for your dentures so they stay healthy and comfortable. With good care, your dentures should last for five to seven years. You should have regular check-ups as you would with your own teeth to check your oral health and denture fit. Optimally, brush your dentures as you would your own teeth after every meal.

How will I adjust to my new dentures?2019-04-17T11:47:25-04:00

With today’s advanced materials and techniques, becoming used to the feel of your new dentures may happen more quickly than you might expect. You will need some adjustment in eating and speaking, and, as part of our service, we will guide you through the process.

How will new dentures help me?2019-04-17T11:47:03-04:00

First you will notice your new healthy and comfortable teeth, which will give you a renewed sense of self-confidence. Your dentures may also improve your appearance because they help support your facial muscles. Eating becomes more enjoyable after you have adjusted to your dentures, especially if you previously experienced missing teeth, oral infections and oral pain. Good oral health should help your overall general health too.

How do I know if I need dentures?2019-04-17T11:45:55-04:00

You should have regular check-ups to have a dentist evaluate and care for your teeth and gums. The same approach applies to consulting a denturist. If your teeth have become painful, eating is difficult, you have broken crowns or you’re embarrassed to smile, among other problems, make an appointment. We advise you about your options in a free consultation, whether you need complete or partial dentures.

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