Increase Your Quality of Life

Implants are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice for many denture wearers. Choose to replace all of your teeth with the All-on-4 technique that gives you teeth in a day or simply have two implants placed in order to hold your dentures in place. With either treatment, implants make a noticeable difference in your self-confidence and ability to eat.

Teeth in a Day with All-on-4® Dental Implants

Are you embarrassed by your missing teeth? Do you find yourself avoiding social situations because you are afraid that your dentures will move or possibly even come out of your mouth while you are talking or laughing? When you go to a restaurant do you find yourself ordering items off the menu that you really want to eat or are you ordering food that you think you will be able to eat with your dentures? Are you constantly getting sore spots in your upper or lower denture?

Thousands of people every day experience these situations and more. Most of us do not realize how much wearing dentures can drastically lower our self-esteem making us feel very uneasy about going out to eat in public or to social functions. Thankfully we now can offer a permanent tooth solution that will give you your natural teeth back in as little as one morning or afternoon.

Security, Comfort & Improved Nutrition

Your new teeth will never move, will never come out and will never cause another sore spot from rubbing or pushing into the gums. Imagine being able to eat foods like apples or corn on the cob and never having to worry about your teeth coming loose or moving. You don’t have to worry about leaving your teeth in a glass on the nightstand to soak overnight; you brush your teeth in your mouth just like you did when you had your natural teeth. And you can avoid potentially embarrassing moments because you never have to worry about your teeth dropping down while you’re speaking, swimming or playing sports.

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Extraction & Implants for Teeth-in-a-Day

All of this only takes approximately four hours to complete. You walk into the office in the morning wearing your conventional denture, and by lunch time you walk out with permanent teeth, all with concern for lessening your discomfort. The All-on-4 procedure isn’t just for those people who are already missing all of their teeth. If you have some remaining natural teeth that are in need of extraction, you can have your teeth extracted, implants placed and your new teeth secured to the implants all in the same day.