Start Your New Life With Us

Bardgett Smile Center  offers clients a comfortable and stress-free setting to address their denture and implant needs.  The Bardgett Team understands that many people are anxious about their initial consultation and their proposed treatment plan.

Are you a First Time Patient?

Bardgett Smile Center knows that transitioning to wearing dentures can be a very overwhelming and emotional time in a client’s life.  Whether clients are seasoned denture wearers or anticipate becoming a denture wearer, the Bardgett Team offers clients a worry free experience.  At Bardgett Smile Center, clients participate in personalized, private consultations with highly skilled professions.  The Bardgett Team explains the proposed treatment plan to each client at the initial consultation as well as the realistic expectations each client should anticipate throughout the course of their individualized treatment.  Additionally, throughout their treatment, the Bardgett Team will address any questions or concerns clients may have regarding the progression of their treatment.