Personalized and Tailored to You

Many denture clinics create standard dentures using basic tooth shades and shapes.  Bardgett Smile Center personalizes dentures using premium denture materials and superior precision techniques to ensure that clients experience optimal esthetics, comfort, fit and function; resulting in a natural looking smile.

BPS® Dentures

Bardgett Smile Center understands that premium-quality dentures instill confidence and provide optimum function while eating.  BPS® quality dentures provide the most ideal aesthetics, comfort, fit and function which is why Bardgett Smile Center is able to create superior dentures for its clients.  Using sophisticated instrumentation, Bardgett Denture and Implant Clinic records all of your facial information to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles.  Bardgett Smile Center offers clients premium SR Phonares II denture teeth which reflect light through several layers and mimic natural teeth.  Bardgett Smile Center also uses state-of-the-art equipment to form the denture base – pink portion.  The unique injection system used by Bardgett Smile Center compensates for the shrinkage of conventional denture bases and ensures a great fit that is more comfortable and enhances eating and speech.  Ask Bardgett Smile Center about BPS® dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are typically made to replace one or more teeth and are customized to a patient’s specific requirements.  Bardgett Smile Center designs all partials to be removable to allow clients to remove partials nightly to ensure a healthy oral environment.  Partials designed by Bardgett Smile Center help restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve their ability to chew and speak clearly.  Partials designed and created by Bardgett Smile Center do not harm remaining natural teeth and may help maintain the position of natural teeth by providing additional support.

Bardgett Smile Center considers the number of teeth remaining as well as the position and stability of our clients’ teeth to determine the optimal style or type of partial denture.  Bardgett Smile Center offers clients various materials to create their partials; including, acrylics, a metal and acrylic combination or flexible thermoplastics.  Additionally, Bardgett Smile Center designs and creates partial dentures which are tooth-supported as well as partial dentures which are tooth and tissue-supported.  With newer designs, materials and techniques, Bardgett Smile Center provides clients with partials that are extremely comfortable and functional.

Implant Dentures

Bardgett Smile Center offers clients the option of dental implants.  Dental implants function as the closest possible replacement for natural teeth.  Implants are an ideal support for full and partial dentures and prevent bone loss by providing stimulation to the natural tooth root system.

Immediate Dentures

Bardgett Smile Center offers the immediate denture technique to clients who anticipate having natural teeth extracted.  Bardgett Smile Center takes impressions of the client’s mouth before teeth are extracted and fabricates a denture to mimic the natural teeth.  Following recovery, Bardgett Smile Center will either create a new permanent full denture for the client or will reline and rebase existing dentures to ensure the most comfortable fit possible.